Cook With Kids: Super Easy & Healthy Potato Salad That Kids Actually Love

This is an originally Russian potato salad that is prepared for festive occasions. As my little ones are fussy eaters (hate pickles, onion and ham), I’ve had no choice but to simplify the recipe and remove those disliked ingredients.

The result turned out tasty, even with the above components missing, and now I often let them prepare it on their own. They are thrilled to use a knife (table knife, which is just sharp enough to cut through cooked vegetable, yet not sharp enough to cut through their fingers) and I'm thrilled to have part of my dinner cooked by somebody else *wink emoji*

Cooking With Kids Doesn't Have To Be Messy

This recipe checks out the following boxes:

3-ingredients meal (+ salt and mayo)


  1. A bowl of cooked potatoes

  2. A bowl of cooked carrots

  3. A bowl of canned green piece

  4. Mayonnaise, 4 table spoons

  5. Salt (to taste)


This Recipe Will Let Your Kids Safely Practice With A Knife

1. Give your children safe table knifes and cutting boards and let them cut the cooked potatoes and carrots into smaller pieces.

2. Add all the ingredients to a large bowl, salt to taste and mix with the mayonnaise.

Today The Kids Will Eat Their Veggies :)

3. Cool in the fridge before serving (it's tastier when cold).

This simplified potato salad goes well with grilled salmon and pasta - both of which are also simple and do-able by kids. For the salmon and pasta recipes, please check my other posts! ❤️

Easy Healthy Veggie Side Dish Your Kids Will Actually Eat

Did your children enjoy making it? Show how it turned out in the comments below!

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