DIY Laser Obstacle Maze Simple and Fun

Make your kids feel like secret agents from the movies! Fans of Mission Impossible movie or the like? Kids are bored of conventional games? Then this is a must: low cost, low effort and extreme fun! A simple #KidsFriendly activity to do right at your hallway / corridor. This game is perfect for a birthday party or to play on a rainy day. Since it doesn't require much of anything, you can do it during your #StayTheFuckHome mission (due to #CoronaVirus / #Covid19) too.

Here are the key-points of this activity:

  • #NotMuchNeeded.

  • Items available in every household

  • #FREE (or almost)

  • Age: Good for kids starting the age of 3. Toddlers will enjoy to destroy it when the play is done.

  • Difficulty level to Create: low

  • Enjoyment level: Maximum

What you need:

  1. Scotch Tape / Adhesive Tape that can be removed later without harming walls.

  2. A roll of wool thread or paper thread / wire. Alternative: You can create a long paper thread by cutting stripes out of paper or old newspaper and gluing the edges together to make several long enough threads.

Instructions for when you have younger children:

  1. If you have one long thread roll and a narrow-is corridor, simply tape sections of the thread at different points on the walls, roughly opposite to each other. No scissors needed, just keep rolling and taping and put the rest of the roll on the floor when done.

Make sure that there is enough space for the kids to crawl around without tearing the taped parts every second ;) If the tapes do come off during the game, simply tape it back.

***Warning: Please keep an eye during the kids' play so that they don't get tangled (choking hazard.)

Instructions if you have older children:

  1. Give them the roll and the tape and send them off to make their own "Laser Obstacle".

  2. Enjoy your break ;)

Entertaining Kids At Home: Mission Impossible or Not?

Managed? Show us your own movie style "Laser Maze" in the comments below or publish your own post!

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