What To Watch? These Mind-Blowing Mini-Documentary Series

Screen time for kids doesn't have to be a negative thing!

In fact, letting kids watch TV and online videos helps them to broaden their language skills and increase their knowledge in different fields...that's, of course, if the viewed content is of a high quality. I'm talking about educational videos.

Wait, I know, I know...don't roll your eyes and think that kids are fed-up with educational content. It's true that watching documentaries or science shows is not everyone's cup of tea, plus, long videos do tend to get kids to, well, yawn and demand you to switch to Pokemon (not that I am against Pokemon, but I do prefer my kids watching something else).

That's why I am sharing here our favorite short and cool educational videos on Youtube for kids.

Each of those videos is just two to three minutes long, comes in a bundle of six to eight (connected in a playlist) and I promise they will fascinate young, teens and adults alike!

Just watch and see :)

Cool Videos:

1. Really Lifelike Dinosaur Documentary! Did you Know Tyrannosaurs had feathers?

Life of Dinosaurs

life of dinosaurs video

Which dinosaurs lived in Japan? Which dinosaurs lived in America? The answers are in this video. The series moves between 110 million years to 70 million years ago and introduces several kinds of amazing dinosaurs, such as the triceratops, T rex and pterodactyl. It provides fun dinosaur facts that are easy to follow even for young children.

"Life of Dinosaurs" is a mini documentary series. Click here to watch it entirely on Youtube !

2. How We Evolved To Humans: OUT OF THE CRADLE:

Prehistoric Family Life

This is a very realistic CG prehistoric documentary! It shows us prehistoric women, prehistoric men and weird prehistoric creatures. In three minute episodes, it explains how Australopithecus Afarensis behaved in Africa, shows that H.Sapiens came in contact with the Neanderthals, takes us on early men hunting trips as far as Europe and even shows some stone age tools and sorcery. It's astonishing to see how our far ancestors used to live and evolve.

Now, that's a series you'd enjoy watching for the entire family while learning valuable information. "Out Of The Cradle" is a mini-documentary series. Click here to watch the entire series on Youtube.

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