Mind-Blowing: This is NOT a Sushi!

Japan is filled with world-famous award-winning chefs and Michelin star restaurants, bakeries and sweets shops, yet the following will awe even a real food critic.

Besides, food critic or not, who doesn't want to surprise their loved ones and friends, followers and fans, with these mind blowing ready-made meals from this tiny but very popular food stand at Tokyo Shinjuku station (shop's info below).

Seriously, look at this photo and tell me, what do you think this food is? Sushi? Sushi and egg udon? Well, think again!!

Is This Sushi or...What?!

This is no ordinary sushi...nor this is an ordinary udon...

Actually, this is no sushi at all...and definitely not an udon..., Cake., Cake!

This is a cake!!!


This is a delicious cake that doesn’t just look like an incredibly realistic Japanese food, but also is made of yummy ingredients: pudding (like the "squid sushi"), strawberry jelly (like the "tuna sushi") shortcake, cream and so on... Yes, those are not just icing!

So, the next time you come to Tokyo, make sure to visit this amazing Japanese patisserie shop. Just keep it a secret before your travel buddies take the first bite!

Shop Info: Sweets Paradise

Location: Inside Shinjuku Metro Station, Tokyo, Japan

Phone Number: 03-3342-6227

Price Range: $~$$ ("sushi" was equivalent to 10 USD and the "udon" was the equivalent of 6 USD at the time of the purchase.)

My rating for both presentation and taste: 5/5 stars

Cheap Food for Expensive Taste

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