How Ordinary Families Live Around The World.

Have you ever wondered about the daily routine of other families? How is it like to be part of a family living in another country? What do stay-at-home-moms do with their little ones whole day? What meals do other kids eat? What are their popular games? How do the homes of other families from all over the world look like?

We, at infoStraight, are creating a series of posts on this exact theme to satisfy your (and our) curiosity.

This article will show you our hand-picked videos of the #DayinTheLife of 3 moms: from Japan, from Russia and from France.

Do you have a good video to recommend or would you like us to feature yours? Tell us in the comments below or create your own new post.

1. Day in the life of a Japanese housewife (video by Paolo fromTokyo).

This is a great quality video, beautifully made and entirely in English (yet, shows a "typical" Japanese family life pretty authentically).

Here you will see how a Japanese stay at home mom of a cute toddler girl manages the chaos of cooking Japanese food for her family, cleaning their home, playing with her daughter, and preparing bento meal for her husband (even though he's a restaurant manager).

2.Day in the life of a Russian mom (video by Rusalka and Sanya: Provincial Russian Life).

We loved how raw this video is. Without fancy editing, it gave a true feeling of this lovely family's life. The mother narrates the entire video in English and explains well on how their days go.

3. Notre Routine Familiale du Soir / Our Family Evening Routine (video by sandra, maman et tellement plus).

Although this French family's video is in French, it's still fun to watch: with some awesome editorial skills and cute filters, one can get a good glimpse into their French family routine, food and home.

Which video did you like the most?

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