DIY Home Decor Game - Easy and Fun!

This DIY home decorating room game is fun and incredibly easy to make. It's a great paper craft for any occasion and your kids will absolutely love it! This activity is also great for busy parents as it occupies our little ones for a long time. What's more, this might be your children's first step onto their path as professional interior designers.

Bonus point: no-screen time! No TV, no tablet and no phone. This does not require any app download nor software install. ...Why? Because this game is a 100% handmade toy.

*This interior design / home decorating game is for adults just as much as for kids, given that you use a ruler and keep furniture proportionate to the area size. This game makes a relaxing activity and you can play as a family, showing off your works to each other once you've done decorating.

Those stripes mean walls

Will go to the instructions in a minute, but first I'd like to note that this interior design game is recommended for children of any age, girls or boys, young or teens, for those who love decorating spaces and for beginners. Encouraging children to participate in art and craft activities promotes their independence, teaches concentration and even boosts up their self-esteem, as the Greater Good Magazine points out.

A few reasons as to why introducing your kids to this interior design game is a good idea:

1. With this game kids can do pretend-play to design their own future home - this gives your children a sense of independence and control. It also helps them develop their taste and understand what and how they things arranged.

2. With this game kids can do pretend-play to decorate and style houses for imaginary clients - this will teach children about business and how to handle money. I will explain how to encourage this at the bottom of this post.

3. With this game kids can plan and design furniture - they might discover an early passion for it and take it further.

4. This design game helps kids understand math and grasp dimensions. Use this game to teach kids how to calculate square meters.

5. Drawing and DIY activities accelerate child's development.

Are you ready to have your kids furnish and decorate homes, rooms, houses and imagine their own furniture? Here's how to create your DIY home decor game:

What you need:

1. Two clear files

2. Clear Scotch / clear sticky tape

3. A4 paper, ideally from a math notebook, but you can either print or use ruler for creating the squares. While not a must, it would help your kids understand dimensions.

4. Cardboard packages from morning cereals or snacks (as it's sturdier than regular paper).

5. Ruler, pencil, scissors, pens and color pencils.

Step-by-step instructions to make a home / house / room decorating DIY design game ( paper craft ) :

File, Paper, Scissors!

  1. Position the two clear files side by side and tape together to create a foldable folder. It suppose to be like a notebook with one side of it for peeling off the furniture stickers and the other side to stick them onto the bare "home".

  2. Take the A4 page and insert it inside one of the folders sides. Before doing so, you can sketch an apartment's blueprint or sketch an empty house plan (make it look like it's seen from above). Otherwise, leave as it is - the corner of the paper can indicate the edges of a rectangle home space.

  3. On the cardboard packages' inner side, draw different furniture such as beds, sofas, tables, chairs, house plants, standing lamps, closets, etc. from bird eye point (a.k.a as if you are looking at them from above).

  4. Repeat previous step, but draw essential components and house appliances such as oven, washing machine, shower, bathtub, fridge, kitchen island, restroom, sinks, etc.

  5. Draw stripes to act as walls.

  6. After coloring all, cut the images out and then "laminate" by covering the drawing with clear tape. This will help your paper craft creation to last longer and not smudge each time by kids' fingers.

  7. Make a loop with a piece of tape and stick it to the back side of each image (image below). Arrange all the furniture, the walls and utility items on one side of the file while keeping the one with the inserted A4 page empty.

  8. Now you are ready to play! peel off and stick the images on the side with the inserted paper, arrange the walls and furniture, decorate and design your ideal homes! Thanks to the clear files smooth characteristic, the taped images can be removed and re-applied many times just like stickers in a reusable album. When the tape wears off, just attach new ones.

That is how to loop the tape

*Take this game a notch up - let your kids practice math and business with this game by pricing each item and listing a budget to different imaginary clients.

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