How To Draw A Lion

Teach kids how to draw a lion with this super simple and easy step-by-step cartoon lion drawing tutorial, that kids as young as 3 year old can draw.

Providing drawing activities for kids, like the one below, will keep them happy and occupied, so that you can work peacefully. Solo drawing activities also help kids to be independent, develop better learning skills and grow their creativity.

Easy lion drawing for your kids

Here are six easy steps of how to draw a lion (and how to explain kids how to draw it):

1. Tell them to draw a big “M”. That would be half of the lion’s face.

2. Below it, draw a smaller “w” and connect to the “M”. That’s the lion’s lower face.

3. Above the “w”, draw an upside down triangle - that is the lion’s nose!

4. Above the nose, write two zeros. Those zeros are the beginning of the lion’s eyes.

5. Draw a circle in each of the zeros and color it. Those are the eyes of the tiger. Add a half square below the small “w” to make the lion’s chin.

6. Draw the lion’s hair around his face in a wavy circular pattern. Add half a circle from each side of the head to create the lion’s ears!

Was it easy? Now you can also, just as easy, create animated characters for your Youtube intro or just for your own fun and make animation videos all by yourself! Turn your picture into cartoon - you won't need a cartoon app, just your good ol' Windows Movie Maker. Join the next step to make a cartoon with your kids. I promise - nothing complicated and you already have all the supplies at home.

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