Top 5 Free Fun Kids Activities To Do at Home

With the terrible Corona Virus (aka Covid-19) our country, just like many others, has issued instructions to quarantine the population and do a general lock-down. That means that, apart from absolutely necessary food or medicine shopping, a near-home exercise and urgent work that cannot be done remotely (doctors, food delivery workers, etc), we all must #staythefuckhome .

So, with no traveling, no sightseeing, and not even going to the park, I have personally tested a bunch of unique, educational and creative, free (or super cheap) activities for kids to entertain themselves at home. Our 5 top favorite picks ticks the three major boxes:

1. If Kids Can't Come to Museum Exhibitions / Galleries, Let Kids Make Museum Exhibitions / Galleries.


Give your kids 10 sheets of paper, a theme and tell them to create paintings. Pick a wall and display their work using easily removable tape). Ask your kids questions, such as "what's drawn?" and "what did you pick to draw it?" and such, just like you would do in a real gallery.

You can also give your kids different newspapers or magazines for them to find interesting photos to include in their 'exhibition'.

With those of us who have a bit more time on their hands and a printer, you can pick a fun topic and print relevant images, hang to your wall (use tape that leaves no trace) and walk your kids through the pictures while explaining each one. The above theme is Optical Illusions and kids LOVED it! This project is both entertaining and education for kids of any age.

2. Mission Impossible: "Laser" Obstacle in the Corridor / Hallway.

*Adult Supervision Required


This kids activity at home is brilliant and only requires items that you are likely already have. Small and older kids loved it! Warning: Please keep an eye during the play so that children don't get tangled (choking hazard) Click here to read how.

3. Your Kids' Drawings Come to Life: Wow your kids with teaching them how to make a basic cartoon.


This activity only requires paper, pen and your computer (no printer needed). Final result can be uploaded to Youtube and shown to family and friends. Kids as small as 3 can do it and would love it. Try creating you animation and let me know your result! Click here to read how to create a cartoon - easy.

4. Self-Made Games: Puzzles and Jigsaws


Let your kids draw and color a picture, glue it on a cardboard box for thickness (like those cereals boxes), cut into squares and let your kids play with their own self-made jigsaw.

Bonus if you have a magnetic sheet (it cost about a dollar), but even if not, this activity will entertain your children nevertheless.

5. Little Chefs: Easy Yet Satisfying Recipe For Kids To Make on Their Own (or almost on their own).

Tasty Potato Salad to Cook With Kids


We tried this potato salad and my kids loved being able to use knives to cook. This recipe has readily available ingredients - nothing complicated and nothing that requires an extra shopping. This recipe is ideal for letting your kids practice cutting with (plastic or safe) knife. Click here to read how.

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